The blue lakes of The Foundations

The Foundations is a former cement works and quarrying operation dating back to the 1860’s.

The large lakes now on site are the former quarries, which when in operation were some of the deepest in the country.

The main limestone quarries are now filled with striking blue water, due to the natural lime component which gives the water a slightly higher pH value and also because the water is very clean coming from mostly ground water and not from run off.

These lakes will be opened eventually for walks and activities, however have featured in recent times in the filming of SAS Australia.

The blue lakes seen in the 2021 season of SAS Australia were a standout feature of the show and a unique backdrop for the challenging stunts performed by the contestants.

There are three main bodies of water on the site, one of these, The Millpond, will be opening soon as a recreational trout fishing reserve.