Demolition of the Loco Shed, Cement Store and Bachelors cottage at The Foundations site have now been completed. All of the works required to enable the process of relinquishment of the mining leases have now also been completed, which included soil remediation, hazardous material removal, weed control work, safety signage, groundwater monitoring, dam surface water monitoring, slope stability audits, gabion wall stability audit, building demolition, community consultation and heritage protection works.

The heritage protection works included removing overhanging trees, cleaning out gutters, repairing roof leaks and securing openings (windows and doors) with temporary plywood on the Powerhouse building, Boiler house, Blacksmith’s Shop, Bath house, Administration office building, Williwa St cottages, Workshop and Raffan’s mill. This work is mostly visible from the st, an example is shown below in the picture of the Bath house building.

The process of mining lease relinquishment has began and a representative from the Department of Trade and Investment, Resources and Energy (Mines Department) has inspected the site and (subject to removal of some rubbish) is generally satisfied with the works.


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