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There are a number of uniques spaces within the heritage precinct at The Foundations being redeveloped ready for reactivation over the coming years.

The buildings represent significant heritage value to the site and the town and redeveloping them to house new intiatives has been a primary focus.

The site covers a diverse range of built forms as well as spectacular natural enviroment, making it a unique desitnation for weddings, corporate events and photoshoots.

Other buildings on the site are already in the process of being redeveloped or have already been renovated and occupied, such as the Glen Museum building.

To enquire about using a space for your next event, photography shoot or if you have an idea for a permanent use, please email

Event Spaces

The Bath House

Perfect pop-up gallery space or for small gatherings and workshops. This building has been used for a pop-up museum, small gallery space and a workshop space during bigger site wide events.

The Boiler House

A large space with some inbuilt separation. The main area has exceptional vocal acoustics. Light filled from large banks of windows, the Boiler House is pefectly suited to medium sized events, performances and pop-ups. This is the building  that our markets are currently held in on the second Sunday of each month

The Power House

Our largest and most spectacular space. The fabric of the building remains in tact with the over head cranes and steam pipe work providing stunning visual features for any event. There is an inbuilt stage area, separate bar area and ample space for setting up temporary kitchen facilities.


Events at the Foundations

After two decades of nothing happening at the former Cement Works, The Foundations has recently been reinvigorated with a number of events ranging from markets, makers demonstrations and world-class night time events.

Most recently we partnered with Lithgow City Council and Destination NSW to provide a launch event for the LITHGLOW festival. This partnership will be activated again for a Halloween launch event later this year.

For more information on upcoming events, visit our facebook page to stay updated.