The Glen Museum

The Glen Museum (formerly the Charlie Pinch Museum) is a privately owned collection and museum developed and fostered by the late Charlie Pinch and his partner the late Valerie Risby. The collection focuses on the history of Portland and is a source of community pride – a well presented collection of the district’s history.

The Glen Museum is open on the Second Sunday of each month to coincide with Market Weekends.

To book a tour at another time call Fay for more information: 0411 289 607.

The Glen Museum was founded by The Late Charlie Pinch and his partner The Late Valerie Risby.

Charlie had worked at the cement work for many years and the town of Portland held a special place in his heart, which is why his collection was left to the town to be enjoyed for generations to come.

Over the years Charlie found and was donated collectables that he and his partner refurbished. And as the years went by the collections grew.

There is a lot of collectables and nic nacs, anything from industrial, gardening, kitchen supplies and electronics, bedroom furniture, hospital equipment and the original Band Hall, musical instruments and trophies from Portland. You can find something as small as a cup to as big as an industrial metal lathe. The entire collection gives an insight into Australian life throughout the last century, and particularly what life was like in Portland during it’s hey day.

Presently The Glen is run and maintained by the relatives of Charlie and Valerie and by committee.

The Glen is a non-profit organisation, at the end of your visit you can feel free to sign our guestbook and there is a donation box also. All donations go to the care and maintenance of the museum.