A history 150 years in the making

These are stories worth telling, and histories worth preserving. 

The Portland Cement Works opened in 1902, and with it came the demand for a workforce.

Great effort was taken to create a town that would appeal to families, and in return the willing workers provided their labour. A tightknit community was forged among the dust.
A town of laconic Australians, built on hope, resilience and a quiet pride.

Through the ups and downs of two wars and a depression, and dwindling output at the cement works in later years, it was finally closed in 1991.

Today – imposing structures stand as a reminder of all that was achieved, stirring feelings of nostalgia for a different era, a simpler time. They also offer a chance to reimagine the site’s future while respecting its roots.

Beyond the physical history of the iconic site lies the compelling cultural narrative of a resilient community.

Artist Guido van Helten’s stunning artwork on the cement work’s silos poignantly capture some of these stories and the characters that populate them.

The next chapter in its proud history is being written, never forgetting its past, as it transforms into the cultural capital of the central west.