The Annexe

The Annexe building is the latest project to begin on the old cement works site, which is now known as The Foundations. In addition to the already iconic Silo Murals, the very popular monthly markets, and acclaimed metal sculptor Harrie Fasher now on site as Artist In Residence, the project is still moving forward and giving the small town something positive to focus on.

Since it was built in the early 1940’s as a feeder factory for the Lithgow Small Arms factory, the building has been a window manufacturing facility; a community hall for rollerskating, basketball and events and finally a storage facility for the cement works, until the site was closed in the early 1990s.

Works will progress over the coming months and people interested in keeping updated with the project should follow The Foundations on Facebook and Instagram.

Photo Courtesy of Lithgow Small Arms Factory Museum

What comes next?

The Annexe refurbishment is taking place to create a new home for The Museum of Comparative Zoology (MOCZA) to take up permanent residence in the near future.

At present MOCZA are a web based museum with temporary displays. The intention is to establish a museum which will be not-for-profit, with permanent displays in the fully refurbished Annexe space.

This project is jointly funded through the NSW State Government and will ensure that MOCZA can create amazing public friendly displays with a focus on educating the youth and bring tourism to Portland.